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A fine bunch of misfits....

Well hello there Dickinson and everyone visiting! Thank you for taking the time to check out what, why and who Dakota Drone Works is all about. 

My wife (Karli) and 6 kiddos (Beckham, Felix, Oskar, Levi, Henrik annnnd Esther a.k.a Boof... I think I got em' all) moved to Dickinson, ND in the spring of 2019 with the goal of becoming a part of this great community and living a simpler life. 

After a few months of being in-town we quickly realized the opportunity to thrive in Dickinson is plentiful. With a solid foundation, strong values and an incredible work ethic, the people in the community truly want their neighbors to be successful. With that knowledge in our hands, the wheels starting turning..

I have always been a bit of an out-of-the-box thinker and one day while flying my drone for fun, I started thinking about how immense the technology and possibilities are in the emerging drone market for so many industries. 

Long story short.... After many, many hours, days and months of research, certifications, training, studying and flight time - Dakota Drone works was finally ready to launch as the western edge's first Drone Service Provider! I decided to focus on the 3 industries that would benefit most from our services. Agriculture, Construction and Energy (natural & oil and gas).

If I haven't met you already, I would love to soon! 


Luke Lundberg - Founder and Owner 

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